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Canada Day cartoon carries on at CBC

So my ‘Happy Canada Day Eh’ doodles are still up on the CBC website. You can see them under ‘editor picks’ and ‘Canada Day’. Recorded live in my backyard with a video camera. Me and my friend Barb are playing bass and singing. Friends Kristine and Sarena were singing the “Eh” back ups and popping out from behind us. Friend Keith was our camera operator. This song was originally written for a filmmaker in the UK (summer of 2007). We hadn’t heard anything from her in over a year so I had forgotten all about it. I rediscovered it on my computer last month and spent an afternoon playing with my webcam and iMovie and these are the results. The day before Canada Day (July 1st) I sent it off to a few different Canadian tv stations and I heard back from CBC. They posted it on their site where hopefully it got a lot of views on Canada Day! (Their site doesn’t show stats.) I was pleasantly surprised to find it still up on their website today!
Canada Day Eh on CBC


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Eating Back Bacon and Playing Lacrosse with Celine Dion

It’s doodle-aoke! Yes I just made that word up – definition: drawing along with a song. Could be a whole new craze I’m starting!

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