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Mink Valley songs on radio station “Ghostxm”

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Top Ten list hits over 6400 views

I just heard back from Shell and my ‘top 10 reasons why ex-party girls make great mommies’ has been viewed over 6400 times and is the #10 most viewed list on the site. Woo hoo!

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JP Patches sent me an email!

Okay so I got an email straight from Chris Wedes aka JP Patches and he doesn’t have a copy of our commercial either but I’m still pretty impressed that I heard back from him!

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Spicy Green Beans – Recipe

Made this last night and it was very tasty!

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JP Patches and Me

When I was a little girl in the late 1970’s I drove down to the KVOS television station in Seattle to appear in a commercial with JP Patches. I got the gig because my dad was the owner of the company that was making the commercial and I remember my “payment” (not that I really needed one) was an Atari video game console and a few games.

I watched JP Patches on t.v. all the time so I was very excited and shy. The commercial was for Maoam fruit chewy candy and JP Patches was dressed up as a magician and he pulled fruit out of his hat. I was the magician’s assistant and I was supposed to hold up a sign but I kept on knocking it over and, eventually, everyone just decided to use one of those takes instead.

Now I have a little girl and I would love to be able to show her a copy of the commercial. Of course, this was before we had home video so I don’t think my dad even received a copy. I sent an email to KVOS and was surprised to receive a reply from someone who was actually on the production crew for the commercial. He remembered it said that KVOS did not have a copy and then, even if they did, the machines that played the old tapes didn’t exist anymore.

So now I’ve emailed JP Patches directly. I went to his website and was pleased to see that Seattle is going to have a JP Patches statue very soon. He deserves it: he’s right up there with Mr. Dress Up, Captain Kangaroo and the Friendly Giant.

I hope he has a copy!

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Indie Band for Rent

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Canada Day cartoon carries on at CBC

So my ‘Happy Canada Day Eh’ doodles are still up on the CBC website. You can see them under ‘editor picks’ and ‘Canada Day’. Recorded live in my backyard with a video camera. Me and my friend Barb are playing bass and singing. Friends Kristine and Sarena were singing the “Eh” back ups and popping out from behind us. Friend Keith was our camera operator. This song was originally written for a filmmaker in the UK (summer of 2007). We hadn’t heard anything from her in over a year so I had forgotten all about it. I rediscovered it on my computer last month and spent an afternoon playing with my webcam and iMovie and these are the results. The day before Canada Day (July 1st) I sent it off to a few different Canadian tv stations and I heard back from CBC. They posted it on their site where hopefully it got a lot of views on Canada Day! (Their site doesn’t show stats.) I was pleasantly surprised to find it still up on their website today!
Canada Day Eh on CBC

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Eating Back Bacon and Playing Lacrosse with Celine Dion

It’s doodle-aoke! Yes I just made that word up – definition: drawing along with a song. Could be a whole new craze I’m starting!

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Top 10 Reasons Why Ex-Party Girls Make Great Mommies

Enjoy this list by Tanya Bennett and her top 10 reasons why ex-party girls make great mommies!

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